Sons of Soil to guard China border in Sikkim

Today's Newspapers
Most newspapers have prominently carried on their front pages the story of government winning the vote on FDI in retail. Under the headline, "1-2-3 Go: FDI vote gives UPA the reforms edge", The Times of India reports that eventually, it turned out to be a stroll for the Congress rather than a tough climb as the UPA government at the centre humbled the opposition in the vote on allowing FDI in retail in the Rajya Sabha.
The Hindu reports that an English newspaper has claimed it has documentary proof that the BJP government in Chhatisgarh had paid a host of national and local television channels for favorable news stories and regular live coverage.
The Tribune, under the headline "Sons of Soil to guard China border in Sikkim", reports that the Cabinet Committee of Security has given a nod to raising a battalion of "Sikkim Scouts" comprising locally recruited soldiers who will guard high passes and portions of north eastern part of Sikkim besides keeping an eye on the routes of ingress.
The Times of India reports that citing difficulties in enforcement, the country's top traffic policemen have urged the legislators to reconsider passing the Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill that proposes to impose fines on drivers caught using any hand-held or handsfree device, or any gadget capable of transmitting signs, images or sounds.
The Financial Express reports that to curb the menace of manipulation and weed out ghost accounts, the Employees' Provident Fund Organisation has tightened the rules making it compulsory for companies to list details of employees and prescribed stiff penalties including imprisonment for employers unable or unwilling to furnish details of employees eligible for PF contribution.
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