Walmart has been lobbying with the US Lawmakers since 2008


Delhi will become the first Indian City to welcome deep-discount retail chains. The State Government would bring a bill in the winter session of assembly, which starts from tomorrow, to remove hurdles in the implementation of FDI in multi brand retail, reports the Hindustan Times on its front page.
Meanwhile, the Pioneer on its front page states that Global retail giant Walmart has been lobbying with the US Lawmakers since 2008 and has spent close to 25 million dollars since 2008 on its various lobbying activities including on the issues related to enhanced market access for investment in India.
"Soccer mayhem in Kolkata" reads the front page headline of the Statesman. It shows photograph of the injured player Syed Rahim Nabi being taken off the field for treatment. Trailing by a goal and reduced to ten players, Mohan Bagan withdrew at half-time from their 10th round I-league match against arch rival and hosts East Bengal citing security reasons. Disgruntled fans threw missiles on the field which severely injured Mohan Bagan's player.
The Asian Age has carried a story that states the elite criminal investigation wing of the income-tax department, which conducted a number of high-profile actions including raids on liquor baron Ponty Chadha, has been disallowed hence forth, to carry out any search or seizure operations by the Finance Ministry.
In order to keep the common man's faith in the justice delivery system, there must be a self-activating mechanism to create additional Special CBI courts as soon as the pendency of corruption cases reaches an alarming numbers.
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