12/12/12 – a date few will live to see again


Most newspapers of the day have carried the Walmart story on their front pages. The Indian Express reports that as the issue of Walmart lobbying for access to Indian markets paralysed Parliament for the second day, the government said it was ready for an inquiry.
The Economic Times reports that the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has proposed to put guidelines in place to disconnect around 200 million inactive mobile connections in the country and free up bulk of these numbers for reuse.
The Financial Express reports the global rating agency Moody saying that a new finance minister and a flurry of pro-business reforms have improved India's growth prospects in 2013.
The Times of India writes that the National Rural Health Mission has rolled out its door to door contraceptive program that will make available condoms & contraceptive pills to all families in rural India at their doorstep.
The Asian Age has cited a report in the Evening Standard which says that nurse Jacintha Saldanha who was the victim of a hoax call about the health of Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, had left a suicide note for her family. The Hindu has reported that the Australian radio station behind the hoax call is to donate 500,000 Australian dollars to an appropriate memorial fund to help Saldanha's family.
"Soldiers get perfect cover: Invisibility cloak", Under that headline, The Times of India reports that a Canadian company has developed a new Harry Potter style camouflage fabric that  could make soldiers completely invisible on battlefield by bending light waves around them. The fabric can even fool night-vision goggles, says the paper.
And finally, Hindustan Times reports that expectant parents are trying to grab the last opportunity of the century to have a baby on 12/12/12. The Times of India under the headline, "12/12/12: City set for last special date of century" writes that on 12/12/12 – a date few will live to see again, people across the globe are geared to greet the day in different ways.
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