One woman raped in the city every day

The shocking news of a paramedic student gang-raped in a moving bus in Delhi and later thrown out is the lead in almost every paper. "Victim on ventilator support' writes the Hindu. In a data released by Delhi Police, 'One woman raped in the city every day' says the Asian Age. The Express Newsline reports ironically that 'the bus crossed 3 PCR vans'.
Exit polls predicting Narendra Modi's hat trick in Gujarat is covered prominently by many dailies. 'Modi to win 3-0. Will he captain Team India?' asks the Economics Times. 'Congress edge in Himachal Pradesh' says the Hindustan Times.
India losing first series in 28 years to England is disheartening news for all Cricket lovers.
'A series of blunders – how Dhoni's gaffes led to yet another demoralising debacle' says the Times of India, listing the issues. 'Time to split captaincy? Gavaskar bats for Kohli' writes the paper, adding that some board members back Gambhir.
India ranked 8 among 150 countries, with a black money outflow of 1.6 billion dollars, writes the Hindustan Times, according to a report by global financial integrity.
Do you like to travel, but deterred by the increasing air fares? There's an alternative. The business line of the Hindu writes 'As air fares soar, the bus is going places'. A world class AC volvo bus from Mumbai to Goa would cost you 1500 rupee or less in sharp contrast to a 7,500 rupee air ticket.

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