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researchers have developed a new computer chip that operates in the Terahertz range that can penetrate solids like X-rays which could allow you to use your smartphone camera to see through walls


Under the headline, "Malik adds sour note to visa pact", The Indian Express reports that Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik equated 26/11 to Babri and also said weather may have killed Kargil martyr Captain Saurabh Kalia, whose mutilated body was returned by Pakistan in 1999. Hindustan Times writes that Malik began his India visit on an uneasy note as he brushed aside the demand for action against Jamat-ud-dawa chief Hafiz Saeed, allegedly the main plotter of the 26/11 Mumbai carnage, saying not enough evidence has been supplied by India against Hafiz Saeed.
The Times of India writes that the Government will review a circular issued by Employee Provident Fund Organisation that had asked employers to deduct the PF subion from the gross salary including allowances – a move that would reduce the take-home salary of more than five crore workers.
Hindustan Times reports that the Supreme Court has ruled that unless an alleged bigamous marriage is declared null and void in a proper legal proceeding, a man and woman will be treated as a married couple making the man liable to pay maintenance to his wife notwithstanding the presence of a certificate of the woman's first marriage.
The Pioneer under the headline "Miss Munna Bhai MBBS lands in soup" writes that in a bizarre episode of impersonation, Andhra police have arrested a young doctor for using the identity of a young girl for securing admission to a medical college and getting a degree.
The Times of India says the Delhi government has decided to set up biometrics enabled Micro ATMs at all 140 NGO run gender resource centres that will use the UID numbers as proof of identity and disburse withdrawal of the monthly food subsidy of 600 rupees to the seniormost woman of a vulnerable household.
And finally, Hindustan Times writes that researchers have developed a new computer chip that operates in the Terahertz range that can penetrate solids like X-rays which could allow you to use your smartphone camera to see through walls.

A student in USA has developed a smart toaster which can cook bread to a person’s exact preferred shade of brown without burning it


All major papers of the day have reported about the promotion quota for SCs and STs Bill having been taken up for discussion in the Rajya Sabha yesterday. Hindustan Times says that the Bill is set to be passed on Monday with all Parties ''except the Samajwadi Party and Shiv Sena'' backing it. The Asian Age states, "Maya 'wins' quota tussle, isolates SP". "UP anti-quota staff on strike", under that headline Hindustan Times says that nearly 18 lakh UP government employees went on a flash strike yesterday after Rajya Sabha took up the quota in promotion Bill.
The Times of India on its front page quotes a study which states that Indians now live longer with the life expectancy of Indian men having gone up by 15 years to 63 years and that of Indian women by 18 years to 67.5 years.
A Delhi court allowed Zee Group Chairman Subash Chandra's plea for undergoing a lie detector test as per the advice of his doctors and in the presence of his lawyer in connection with the alleged Rs.100 crore extortion bid case related to Congress MP Navin jindal's firm.
The Indian Express reports that the Supreme Court has allowed private medical colleges in India to hold their own entrance examinations for admission to under-graduate courses for academic year 2013-14.
The Hindu reports the Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal saying that nationwide mobile number portability will be rolled out February next year, allowing users to retain their numbers even if they move from one State to another.
The Supreme Court has ordered that no new cars will be delivered by auto dealers in the Capital without installing high security number plates reports Hindustan Times.
And finally, if you are looking for your perfect kind of toast at breakfast table you have reason to be cheerful. A student in USA has developed a smart toaster which can cook bread to a person's exact preferred shade of brown without burning it, reports The Times of India.

OnlyIf life was as smooth as Royal Challenge


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12/12/12 – a date few will live to see again


Most newspapers of the day have carried the Walmart story on their front pages. The Indian Express reports that as the issue of Walmart lobbying for access to Indian markets paralysed Parliament for the second day, the government said it was ready for an inquiry.
The Economic Times reports that the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has proposed to put guidelines in place to disconnect around 200 million inactive mobile connections in the country and free up bulk of these numbers for reuse.
The Financial Express reports the global rating agency Moody saying that a new finance minister and a flurry of pro-business reforms have improved India's growth prospects in 2013.
The Times of India writes that the National Rural Health Mission has rolled out its door to door contraceptive program that will make available condoms & contraceptive pills to all families in rural India at their doorstep.
The Asian Age has cited a report in the Evening Standard which says that nurse Jacintha Saldanha who was the victim of a hoax call about the health of Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, had left a suicide note for her family. The Hindu has reported that the Australian radio station behind the hoax call is to donate 500,000 Australian dollars to an appropriate memorial fund to help Saldanha's family.
"Soldiers get perfect cover: Invisibility cloak", Under that headline, The Times of India reports that a Canadian company has developed a new Harry Potter style camouflage fabric that  could make soldiers completely invisible on battlefield by bending light waves around them. The fabric can even fool night-vision goggles, says the paper.
And finally, Hindustan Times reports that expectant parents are trying to grab the last opportunity of the century to have a baby on 12/12/12. The Times of India under the headline, "12/12/12: City set for last special date of century" writes that on 12/12/12 – a date few will live to see again, people across the globe are geared to greet the day in different ways.

Rahul Gandhi will lead Congress from the front


Most papers this morning write about the Congress being in a fix  as the BSP and SP lock horns over the reservation bill. UPA caught between Maya and Mulayam over quota bill writes Hindustan Times.
The Times of India, on its front page, reports that judges of the Supreme Court and High Courts will now have to inform the Government about their foreign visit details.
Tax dodgers put on notice writes Mail Today in a headline story. According to the paper the government has built a database on big spending Indians and will use the information to nail tax evaders.
The Asian Age writes that Rahul Gandhi will lead Congress from the front in the general elections in 2014. This was officially made clear by the party ending all speculation. "Gandhi scion to lead Congress' campaign in 2014 Lok Sabha polls." writes the Pioneer.
The Buddhist chanting of Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir has enchanted its way into UNESCO's list of intangible Cultural heritage of Humanity, reports the Indian Express.
And finally, the Indian Express reports that Dr. Gandhi P C Kaza started Forensic Science Truth Labs in Hyderabad in 2007 which has spread to Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai and has been involved in as many as 5000 public and private cases.

Walmart has been lobbying with the US Lawmakers since 2008


Delhi will become the first Indian City to welcome deep-discount retail chains. The State Government would bring a bill in the winter session of assembly, which starts from tomorrow, to remove hurdles in the implementation of FDI in multi brand retail, reports the Hindustan Times on its front page.
Meanwhile, the Pioneer on its front page states that Global retail giant Walmart has been lobbying with the US Lawmakers since 2008 and has spent close to 25 million dollars since 2008 on its various lobbying activities including on the issues related to enhanced market access for investment in India.
"Soccer mayhem in Kolkata" reads the front page headline of the Statesman. It shows photograph of the injured player Syed Rahim Nabi being taken off the field for treatment. Trailing by a goal and reduced to ten players, Mohan Bagan withdrew at half-time from their 10th round I-league match against arch rival and hosts East Bengal citing security reasons. Disgruntled fans threw missiles on the field which severely injured Mohan Bagan's player.
The Asian Age has carried a story that states the elite criminal investigation wing of the income-tax department, which conducted a number of high-profile actions including raids on liquor baron Ponty Chadha, has been disallowed hence forth, to carry out any search or seizure operations by the Finance Ministry.
In order to keep the common man's faith in the justice delivery system, there must be a self-activating mechanism to create additional Special CBI courts as soon as the pendency of corruption cases reaches an alarming numbers.

Will our Selectors and Cricket Board ask the hard questions and find the right answers?


Prime Minister Manmohan Singh reaching out to farmers in Punjab after winning the vote on FDI in multibrand retail, is given prominence by news papers. "FDI good for Punjab farmers says PM" is the top headline in The Tribune. The Indian Express writes "House won, PM woos 'progressive' Punjab farmers". The Statesman writes that activist Arvind Kejriwal has demanded a Referendum of FDI in Retail.
India's abysmal performance in the current Test series against England is highlighted by the Press. "Can Team India get any worse"? writes Hindustan Times. The paper adds – 'Will our Selectors and Cricket Board ask the hard questions and find the right answers?
"BJP cracks the whip ahead of Yeddyurappa Rally" – headlines The Hindu. The paper writes, 'On the eve of BS Yeddyurappa's rally on Sunday – where he will take charge as President of the Karnataka Janata Paksha (KJP), the bjp made it clear that legislators and MP's would have to resign from the Assembly or Parliament if they wanted to attend the rally or associate with the K.J.P.
Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar will meet his West Bengal counterpart Mamata Banerjee in Kolkata on Dec 14 – fueling speculation of a non-BJP non-Congress alliance in the works, report The Indian Express.
The Hindu writes that even three weeks after the death of Shiv Sena Supremo Bal Thackerey, there has been no move to dismantle the elaborate makeshift memorial where he was cremated.

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Sons of Soil to guard China border in Sikkim

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Most newspapers have prominently carried on their front pages the story of government winning the vote on FDI in retail. Under the headline, "1-2-3 Go: FDI vote gives UPA the reforms edge", The Times of India reports that eventually, it turned out to be a stroll for the Congress rather than a tough climb as the UPA government at the centre humbled the opposition in the vote on allowing FDI in retail in the Rajya Sabha.
The Hindu reports that an English newspaper has claimed it has documentary proof that the BJP government in Chhatisgarh had paid a host of national and local television channels for favorable news stories and regular live coverage.
The Tribune, under the headline "Sons of Soil to guard China border in Sikkim", reports that the Cabinet Committee of Security has given a nod to raising a battalion of "Sikkim Scouts" comprising locally recruited soldiers who will guard high passes and portions of north eastern part of Sikkim besides keeping an eye on the routes of ingress.
The Times of India reports that citing difficulties in enforcement, the country's top traffic policemen have urged the legislators to reconsider passing the Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill that proposes to impose fines on drivers caught using any hand-held or handsfree device, or any gadget capable of transmitting signs, images or sounds.
The Financial Express reports that to curb the menace of manipulation and weed out ghost accounts, the Employees' Provident Fund Organisation has tightened the rules making it compulsory for companies to list details of employees and prescribed stiff penalties including imprisonment for employers unable or unwilling to furnish details of employees eligible for PF contribution.